Record Numbers of Kuwaiti Travelers Set To Enter the United States in 2016

The Embassy of the United States in Kuwait is pleased to announce that more Kuwaitis have visited America in 2016 so far than any other year on record.  In 2016, Kuwaiti travelers have entered the United States over 75,000 times as of September 1, including over 14,000 students attending academic programs.

These record numbers are part of a trend reaching back over a decade, which saw an increase in Kuwaiti travelers of more than 500% from 2005 to 2016.  These trends demonstrate that more than ever, the United States welcomes visitors from Kuwait.  Travel for business, tourism, medical treatment, and education is an important tie that binds our two countries in an exceptionally close relationship.

The Embassy is aware of reports of Kuwaiti citizens being denied entry into the United States this year.  While U.S. authorities make every effort to avoid this situation, an extremely small number of Kuwaiti visitors are not allowed to enter the country for a variety of reasons.  This year, less than one in every 1,000 Kuwaiti travelers was denied entry.  Those denied entry occasionally include Kuwaiti students attempting to return to their university or college, while no longer a student in good standing at that school.  Loss of student status can lead to revocation of a U.S. visa. To determine whether their student status remains valid, returning students should contact their designated school official.  That official can confirm their status in the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS).

As has always been the case, visitors to the United States are responsible for what they carry with them, so travelers should make sure that their belongings conform to U.S. regulations.

It is worth noting that a visa does not guarantee entry into the United States.  The decision on whether an individual is allowed to enter the United States is made at the port of entry by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CBP).  For more information about the entry process, visit the CBP website:

Those who are denied entry to the United States may apply for a new visa at their convenience. Information on applying for a visa at the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait can be found at