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Offsite Passport Services

Provision of Offsite Passport Services for U.S. Citizens

Passports and visas are required for private U.S. citizens traveling to Kuwait. This includes official and unofficial travelers proceeding via Kuwait to and from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Private U.S. citizens who do not have valid travel documents may not legally enter Kuwait and should contact the U.S. Embassy, American Citizens Services Unit, during business hours to ascertain whether assistance can be provided.

Resource permitting, the American Citizens Services Unit may be able to provide passport services at Kuwait International Airport or other limited locations for emergency passport services.  In general, this service can only be provided during business hours Sundays through Thursdays except under circumstances involving life and death emergencies.

The fees for services will include routine passport application fees as well as charges for transportation, provision of services offsite or after hours, photos, and other miscellaneous fees as required.  As of November 29, 2012, fees are as follows:

Passport Fees: $135
Consular Time: $231 per hour or part thereof/per employee
Transportation: Expenses incurred

For the full schedule of Fees for Consular Services, please visit the following website:


As the total cost can quickly escalate to more than $2000, the U.S. Embassy encourages all private U.S. citizen travelers to obtain the necessary travel documents prior to entering Kuwait.  Violation of Kuwait immigration law may result in penalties including fines, arrest, deportation, or denial of admission to Kuwait.