July 29, 2020: Message for U.S. Citizens: No Visas Upon Arrival for U.S. Citizens Arriving in Kuwait

July 29, 2020

Kuwait International Airport will resume inbound and outbound commercial flights on August 1.  However, visas will not be issued upon arrival at the airport as of 3:00pm local time on July 29.  Visas are also not available electronically in advance, as they have been in the past.  It is our understanding that U.S. citizens with valid residencies and visas may enter Kuwait beginning August 1.

U.S. citizens without valid visas wishing to visit Kuwait will need to obtain visas or other approval in advance of travel from a Kuwaiti embassy or consulate.  Please visit the Kuwaiti Embassy’s website for contact information of the nearest embassy or consulate.

Please check the U.S. Embassy’s COVID-19 webpage for the latest information regarding additional requirements for traveling to Kuwait.