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Legal Assistance
Last revised: November 2023
March 1, 2022


The U.S. Embassy in Kuwait assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability, or reputation of, or quality of services provided by the following persons or firms. Inclusion on this list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the Embassy.  Names are listed alphabetically, and the order in which they appear has no other significance.  The information on the list regarding professional credentials, areas of expertise, and language ability is provided directly by the lawyers; the Embassy is not in a position to vouch for such information.  You may receive additional information about the individuals on the list by contacting the local bar association (or its equivalent) or the local licensing authorities.

Abdulrahman Naser Al-Abdulaaly (Kuwaiti)

Al-Abdulaaly & Partners
Sour Tower, 7 & 8th Floor, Sour St., Salhiya
P.O. Box 26994, Safat 13130 Kuwait
Tel: 2242-4141/2, Fax: 2245-9212

Email: rahman@alabdulaaly-law.cominfo@alabdulaaly-law.com

Website: www.alabdulaaly-law.com

General, including criminal and civil
Languages: English and Arabic

Anwar Nasser Al-Bisher (Kuwaiti)

Al-Bisher Legal Group, Anwar Al-Bisher, Talal Al-Bisher & Partners
P.O. Box 26292, Safat 13123 Kuwait, Chamber of Commerce Building, 6th floor,  Kuwait
Tel: (965) 2243-1122, Fax: (965) 2240-2501

Email: anwar@albisherlaw.com

Website: www.albisherlaw.com

Commercial, corporate, civil cases; no personal or criminal cases
Languages: English and Arabic

Omar Hamad Al-Essa (Kuwaiti)

The Law Office of Al-Essa & Partners

Sharq – Jaber Mubarak Street, Commercial Real Estate Bldg, 3rd Floor, Kuwait
Tel: 2243-8020/1/2/4 – 2243-8033/4, Fax: 2243-2272
E-mail: info@alessalaw.com

Website: www.alessalaw.com

General, corporate, criminal
Languages: English, Arabic and French

Faten Farouq Al-Naqueeb (Kuwaiti)

Al-Naqeeb & Partners

Sharq – Raed Center 7th Floor, Ahmed Al Jaber St., P.O. Box 5706, Safat 13058 Kuwait
Tel: 2244-7415/6, Fax: 2246-6780
Email: faten@alnaqeebpartners.cominfo@alnaqeebpartners.com

Website: www.alnaqeebpartners.com

General, commercial, criminal, marriage, divorce, child custody, adoptions
Languages: English, Arabic, French and Hindi

Partners with ALI & Partners in Washington, DC, www.alnaqeebpartners.com

Ahmed Dhaen Al-Samdan (Kuwaiti)

International Legal Group
Al Tijaria Tower, Floor 12, Al Sour Street, Block 3, Al Murgab, Kuwait City, Kuwait
P.O. Box 23932, Safat 13100 Kuwait

Tel: 2246-1840/1, Fax: 2249-2096
Email: abdullah.alsamdan@ilg.com.kw

Website: www.ilg.com.kw

General, including family law, immigration, commercial and civil cases; no criminal or auto/accidents
Languages: English and Arabic

Dhaidan Falah Al-Ajmi (Kuwaiti)

Dhaidan Al-Ajmi Office of Law
Salmiya, Block 12, Abdul Kareem Al-Khtabi St. Opposite 5th Ring Road, Bldg. 2, 2nd floor, Office 7 & 8, Kuwait
Tel: 2561-1370, Fax: 2561-1380
Email: dhl1000@hotmail.com; smitha@dhaidanlaw.com

General, including family law, immigration, criminal, child custody and labor
Languages: English and Arabic

Ayyad Hammad Humoud Al-Adwani (Kuwaiti)

Al-Adwani Law Firm
7th Floor, Injazzat Tower, Khalid Ibn Al Waleed Street, Kuwait Business Town, Sharq, Kuwait

P.O. Box 481 Safat, 13005 Kuwait

Tel: 2227-5475, Fax: 2227-5470
Email: najmahbrown@aladwanilawfirm.cominfo@aladwanilawfirm.com

Website: www.aladwanilawfirm.com

General, including family law, immigration, criminal and labor

Languages: English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Hindi

Mohammad Khalid Al-Mutawa (Kuwaiti)

Arsan Advocates & Legal Consultants

Sharq, Ahmad Al Jaber St. Gravity Tower, 4th Floor, Kuwait

Tel: 2246-9091, Fax: 2246-9092

Email: Info@arsanlaw.com

Website: https://www.arsanlaw.com/

General, including family law, immigration, corporations and labor

Languages: English and Arabic

Abdullah Al-Ayoub (Kuwaiti)

Abdullah Kh. Al-Ayoub & Associates

Souk al-Kabir Building, Block b, 9th Floor, Fahad Al-Salem St., Kuwait

Tel: 2246-4321/2/3, Fax: 2243-4711

Email: alayoub@al-ayoub.org

Website: www.al-ayoub.org

General, including Commercial Law, Civil Law, Narcotics and Auto Accidents

Languages: English, Arabic and Hindi.

Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-Awadhi (Kuwaiti)

The Law Firm of Abdulrahman Al-Awadhi & Partners

Sharq, Ahmed Al-Jaber St. Gravity Tower, 2nd Floor, Kuwait

Tel: 2240-2692-3, Fax: 2245-0717

Email: mail@alawadhi-law.com

Website: www.alawadhi-law.com

General, including insurance, banking, civil law and auto accidents

Languages: English, Arabic and French

Fayez Sanhat Al-Mutairi (Kuwaiti)

Al-Raeda Law Firm

Al-Qibla, Jon Tower, Fahad Al-Salem St. 2nd Floor, Kuwait

Tel: 2220-2222, Fax: 2227-4242

Email: alraedalawfirm.info@gmail.com

Website: www.alraedalawfirm.com

General, including family law, commercial law, civil law and immigration

Languages: English, Arabic, Spanish, French and Hindi

Abdulrahman Al-Humaidan (Kuwaiti)

Mashora Advocates and Legal Consultants

Al-Qibla, Mashora Tower, Ground Floor, Abu Bakr St., Kuwait

Tel: 2240-4470, Fax: N/A

Email: alhumaidan@mashora.com.kw

Website: www.mashora.com.kw

General, including family law, insurance and criminal law.

Languages: English, Arabic, French and Konkani

Atyab Alshatti (Kuwaiti)

Taher Group Law Firm

Bneid Al-Gar Block 2 Street 79, Building Arkan 4, Floor 7, International Department

Tel: +965 1803020

Fax: +965 2255 2595

E-mail: LawyerAtyabAlshatti@gmail.com

Website: www.tahergrp.org

General including family, criminal, civil, and commercial

Languages: English, Arabic, and French

Sultan Al-Shemali (Kuwait)

Sultan Al Shemali Law Office

Salmiyah, Plagat Street, Building 13, Floor 6

Tel: +965 6684 2888, +965 5562 7803, +965 2571 2982

E-mail: nfo@alshemalilaw.com

Website: https://www.alshemalilaw.com/

General including family, criminal, civil and commercial

Languages: English and Arabic