June 10, 2021: Health Alert – Optional COVID-19 Vaccination Registration with Ministry of Health

Location:  Kuwait

Event:  Individuals who received a COVID-19 vaccination from a non-Kuwaiti government authority may register their vaccine record on the Ministry of Health website.  Registration enables the Public Health Department to validate vaccination records administered by non-Kuwaiti authorities.

Vaccinated individuals with records approved by the Kuwaiti Public Health Department may then download the Immune (مناعة) App from the Apple App store or Google Play store to access their vaccination details.  Neither the website registration nor the Immune App are mandatory, but registering will provide a convenient method for individuals to prove their vaccination status for entry to cinemas or other venues requiring proof of vaccination.

To register with the Ministry of Health, individuals may follow the below instructions:

 Registration website: https://vaxcert.moh.gov.kw/SPCMS/PH/CVD_19_Vaccine_External_Registration.aspx

Detailed instructions for registration: https://vaxcert.moh.gov.kw/tc/vaccine_instructions_en.html

This link also provides the download link for the Immune App on Apple and Google Play stores.

The app designates by color codes whether individuals have been fully vaccinated, vaccinated with one dose, or unvaccinated.  For those arriving from abroad, authorities may ask to see the app upon arrival.

Please note: The United States Government does not plan to provide COVID-19 vaccinations to private U.S. citizens overseas.  The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health webpage (https://www.moh.gov.kw) allows residents of Kuwait, including U.S. citizen residents, to register for the COVID-19 vaccine by clicking on “COVID-19 Vaccination Pre-Registration.”

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