Holiday Calendar

Listed below are the official U.S. holidays and projected Kuwaiti holidays the Embassy will observe during calendar year 2023.



Date Observed

Day(s) of the week

New Year’s Day January 1 Sunday
Birthday of Martin Luther King, Jr. January 15 Sunday
President’s Day February 19 Sunday
Kuwait Liberation Day February 26 Sunday
Kuwait National Day February 27 Monday
Eid Al-Fitr* April 23-24 Sun-Mon
Memorial Day May 28 Sunday
Juneteenth June 18 Sunday
Waqfat Arafat Day June 27 Tuesday
Eid Al-Adha* June 28-29 & July 2 Wed-Thur & Sun
Independence Day July 4 Tuesday
Islamic New Year* July 19 Wednesday
Labor Day September 3 Sunday
The Prophet’s Birthday* September 28 Thursday
Columbus Day October 8 Sunday
Veterans Day – instead of Saturday, Nov. 11 November 12 Sunday
Thanksgiving Day November 23 Thursday
Christmas Day December 25 Monday


Note: Local religious holidays as identified by an asterisk (*) are governed by the lunar calendar and are subject to change.

A one-day local holiday that falls on a weekend day will be observed on the first working day immediately after the end of the weekend. If any or all of the multiple-day local holidays fall on a weekend, that holiday will be observed on the first working day(s) immediately after the end of the weekend.