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Citizenship and Nationality


picture of U.S. Passport next to Kuwaiti Passport
Can You Please Let Dual U.S. – Kuwaiti Citizens Know What To Do? Can The U.S. Embassy Issue Guidance For Such Dual Nationals?
When considering how to proceed in questions of dual nationality, you must decide the course of action which best suits your personal circumstances.  The Embassy can, however, discuss with you the consequences of any actions you may take upon your U.S. citizenship. (KuwaitACS@state.gov).  If you need to discuss the consequences for your Kuwaiti citizenship, you may wish to consider seeking advice from Kuwaiti authorities.


Under Kuwaiti Law, Our Children Must Decide At Age 18 Which Nationality They Wish To Possess. How Can We Protect Our U.S. Nationalities And Retain Our Kuwaiti Nationalities In This Case? What Should We Tell Our Children To Do?
Again, it is up to each individual to decide what course of action suits that person.  The fact that one country forces you to “choose” which nationality you want to exercise does not mean that you thereby lose U.S. citizenship.


Males Who Are Dual Citizens Must Register For The U.S. Selective Service (www.sss.gov). This Violates Kuwaiti Nationality Laws. What Should They Do?
Conflicts between nationality laws may pose great difficulty, as you may lose one nationality by complying with the requirements imposed by the second nationality. Such decisions should only be made after carefully considering the consequences. Questions about the effects of certain actions on your American nationality can be directed to the American Citizens Services section of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait (KuwaitAcs@state.gov). Questions about the effect of certain actions on your Kuwaiti nationality should be directed to Kuwaiti authorities.