Ambassador Alina L. Romanowski on the Embassy’s post-lockdown work resumption plan

I am proud to be serving as the U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait. The safety and security of Americans as well as all those living in Kuwait is my highest priority.  To that end, I have ensured during this pandemic that the embassy has followed recommended protocols and safety measures in coordination with the Kuwaiti government, including by teleworking.  Together we are fighting this invisible enemy.

We all hope to see the spread of COVID-19 curtailed.  That said, we should prepare for all eventualities with the goal of defeating this scourge.

When the Kuwaiti government determines that it is safe to relax some of the social distancing measures, including the full curfew, the Embassy will reevaluate how we phase in our return to normalcy.  This may be a slow and long process, but again my most important priority is the safety of the Embassy and American community, as well as those living in Kuwait.  We will make data-informed decisions and adapt to changing conditions.

I know that many are especially interested in when the Embassy will recommence visa operations.  The Embassy Consular Section’s first visa appointment is tentatively scheduled for 22 June 2020, assuming that the COVID pandemic has been contained, and the Kuwaiti government has relaxed conditions. If so, the Consular section will begin interviewing on a limited basis from that time.

We understand that students studying in the United States have a special set of circumstances so the Consular Section will identify times specifically to address student visas.  We will post frequent updates to the Embassy website at  We encourage everyone to review to website for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

I want to take this opportunity to thank once again the front-line workers, including health, security, and other workers who everyday place others before themselves in service to the community.  These workers embody the true spirit of humanity.  I also want to recognize Kuwait’s robust response, which has helped to manage the spread of this virus.  I want to reiterate that the United States stands with Kuwait as we battle the challenges of this pandemic together.

These are challenging times, and there are continual questions about when we will return to normal.  I know this has not been an easy time for many of us. Nonetheless, I am heartened by the resiliency of the Kuwaiti people and its residents, and the strong sense of community and volunteerism that exists here.